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Welcome to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Evidence for Improvement: Evaluating Quality Improvement Training Programs. Lori Melichar, Ph.D., directs this program.

Public health and health care workers have many opportunities to acquire Quality Improvement (QI) training. However, limited evidence exists about the impact these training programs have on the ability of these individuals to successfully engage in work to improve health and health care. Information about the impact of such programs on organizational culture and patient outcomes is also scarce. This information gap may lead to inefficient investment decisions in QI training opportunities.

This program solicits evaluations of existing QI training programs with the goal of producing evidence that will inform decision-making about whether and how investments in QI training are made.

We are interested in information that permits cross-program comparisons. We encourage researchers from all disciplines, including multidisciplinary teams, to respond to this solicitation. We will request applicants to submit in their application a letter of support from the QI training program they would like to evaluate.

This initiative will support projects with budgets of up to $350,000 for a time period of no more than three years.


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